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T32Lite Tripod

T32Lite Tripod

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Revolutionizing On-the-Go Photography-T32LITE Tripod

A leading innovator in photography equipment, ROGETI, proudly unveils the T32LITE tripod, a game-changer for photographers seeking the perfect balance of portability, control, and professional-grade features.

Crafted with discerning photographers in mind, the T32LITE is a lightweight tripod that defies expectations. Emerging from the renowned T32MAX tripod platform, the T32LITE embodies exceptional professional qualities, boasting advanced center columns and compatibility with various accessories.

What's in Box

  • T32Lite Tripod Legs
  • C32L40 Center Column
  • Custom Made Wrench


  • C32K Center Column
  • C32L Center Column 
  • C32T Center Column
  • C32B Center Column 
  • C32G Center Column 
  • E32 Extending Pole
  • Wheels


  • Tripod Model: T32 LITE
  • Center Column Diameter: 32mm
  • Number of Sections in Each Leg Tube: 3
  • Leg Tube Diameters: 22mm/25mm/28mm
  • Leg Tube Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Leg Tube Spread Angle: 23°/0°
  • Leg Tube Graduations: None
  • Net Weight: 1.3kg (including center column)
  • Foot Spike Interface: M10
  • Safety Load Capacity*: 20 kg
  • Bubble Level: None
  • Collapsed Length: 46cm (including center column)
  • Height Range: 42.5-127cm (excluding the tripod head)
  • Heights for Each Leg Position: Refer to the working diagram

Optional Accessories: Gear center column, extension column, center column horizontal adapter, tripod wheels, etc.
Safety Load Capacity* refers to the load along the center column axis within the safe range.

Key Features

  1. Robust Load Capacity: Despite its slim design, the T32LITE boasts an impressive load capacity of up to 20kg, surpassing many professional tripods.
  2. Compact and Lightweight: Weighing only 1.3kg and collapsing to 46cm, the T32LITE easily fits into a 20-inch carry-on suitcase.
  3. Efficient Leg Tube Operation: Simplifying the leg adjustment process, the T32LITE transforms a three-step action into a seamless, single motion, significantly boosting efficiency.
  4. Fewer Leg Tube Locks: With only six leg tube locks, compared to the typical 12 to 15 in travel tripods, the T32LITE allows for swift setup and teardown, making on-the-go photography a breeze.
  5. Leg Tubes Stand Upright at 0°: When collapsed, the leg tubes stop at the 0° position, facilitating corner shots and enhancing perspectives for VR panorama photography.
  6. Clean Hands Operation: Positioned away from foot spikes, the leg tube locks ensure photographers maintain clean hands throughout the shooting process.
  7. Powerful Grip: Featuring large horseshoe-shaped rubber feet, the T32LITE provides exceptional traction on various surfaces while absorbing impact energy upon landing.
  8. Compatible with Foot Wheels: The ROGETI® tripod wheels allow for quick transformation into a photography cart, offering precise control for both video and photography.
  9. Extendable Center Column: For special shooting requirements, the T32LITE's center column can be extended using the E32 series extension column.
  10. Stable Horizontal Center Column: Optional adapters allow for a stable horizontal center column, enhancing stability during shooting.
  11. Simultaneous Horizontal and Vertical Center Column: Unlike other tripods, the T32LITE allows free vertical movement even with a horizontally positioned center column.
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