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C32 Series Center Columns for T32 Tripod

C32 Series Center Columns for T32 Tripod

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Explore the versatility of our optional center columns for the T32 series tripod

C32B: The C32B serves dual roles, acting not only as the center column for the T32MAX tripod but also transforming into a convenient mini tripod. Easily detach the C32B, convert the outer column into three legs, and utilize the inner column for the mini tripod's center, effortlessly switching between high and low camera positions. It seamlessly connects with the E22 extension column for extended capabilities.

C32G: For those seeking precision and range, the C32G boasts a 50cm length and an impressive geared lifting span of up to 36cm. Its advanced transmission structure ensures smooth operation and prevents camera sliding during inactivity. Compatible with the E32 extension column series, it adds a 180-degree rotation feature to enhance your shooting experience.

C32GK:C32G with Arca Style Clamp.

C32K: A long center column with an Arca-standard clamp for swift and secure connections to any Arca dovetail-equipped equipment, eliminating the need for additional twists. With a length of approximately 50cm, invertibility, and compatibility with the E32 extension column series, the C32K is a versatile choice for dynamic setups, complemented by its through-hole design compatible with the ROGETI360 panoramic head.

C32T: A crucial adapter for any C32 series center column. This versatile accessory enables horizontal and vertical shifts, supports upside-down usage, and features an Arca-standard dovetail plate. Compatible with the E32 extension column series, the C32T offers unmatched flexibility.

For extended reach: E32 suitable for C32L, C32G, C32K, and C32T. The E22, specifically designed for the C32B mini tripod, adds approximately 26cm to its center column.

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