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ROGETI Tripod Bag

ROGETI Tripod Bag

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This product includes 1 equipment bag and 2 straps

Carrying methods: Single shoulder + double shoulder

Opening method: Side opening + top opening

External dimensions: Diameter 18cm Length 75cm

Luggage sleeve: Diameter 18cm Length 75cm

Padding: Fully padded

Net weight: Bag weight 630g, strap weight 89g/each

Material: 1680D/300D/PA66


Single shoulder + double shoulder

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional tripod bags that can only be worn around the waist, leading to frequent collisions with door frames, tables, chairs, and other obstacles when using public transportation or entering buildings.

With the ROGETI tripod bag, you have the freedom to carry it on both shoulders using two straps or hang it on one shoulder. This not only prevents collisions while in motion but also makes carrying effortless. Plus, the advantage of wearing the tripod bag on both shoulders is that you can still hold the tripod in your hand while carrying the empty bag, eliminating the need to place the bag on the ground when capturing those perfect shots.

Side opening + top opening

Unlike traditional tripod bags with a single long zipper that may not be suitable for all situations and often require a squatting position to access the tripod, the ROGETI tripod bag offers horizontal and vertical access. In addition to the main zipper, the end cap features an independent zipper, allowing photographers to easily retrieve the tripod while standing. The separate end cap zipper does not interfere with the main zipper, ensuring a seamless experience.

Full Coverage Padding

While many tripod bags lack full coverage padding or have significant gaps at the junctions of the padding, the ROGETI tripod bag provides comprehensive padding that covers the entire bag. It ensures a compact and gapless junction between the padding sections, offering maximum protection for your valuable equipment.

Increased Capacity

When it comes to capacity, the ROGETI tripod bag is designed to accommodate your needs. With the optional ROGETI ASSEMBLER Column Integrator, you can maximize the internal space of the bag. It seamlessly integrates the T32 MAX tripod (with center column and RG-1 gear head), two additional center columns (or extension columns), and the S20 handle, all within the ROGETI tripod bag. This means you can carry most your gears without the need for an additional bag.

Luggage Sleeve Compatibility

Unlike most tripod bags that lack a suitable luggage sleeve, causing tripods to wobble on top of travel cases, the ROGETI tripod bag is designed with stability in mind. It features two short zippers on the side, allowing you to easily slide it over the handle of a travel case, ensuring a secure and stable fit.

Stylish Design

Not only does the ROGETI tripod bag offer functionality, but it also boasts a stylish design. Just like ROGETI equipment has become a social calling card among photographers worldwide, the tripod bag inherits this gene, adding a touch of confidence to every step of your photography journey!

Upgrade to the ROGETI Tripod Bag today and experience the perfect blend of functionality, style, and convenience.


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