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T32Lite Tripod

T32Lite Tripod

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T32Lite Tripod


T32 LITE Tripod

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The ROGETI T32Lite tripod is designed for elite photographers who demand portability, comfortable operation, and superior visual performance. This lightweight tripod redefines expectations with its exceptional professional qualities, making it unlike any other in its class. It offers unprecedented stability and operational efficiency, allowing you to shoot effortlessly on the move.

What's in Box

  • T32Lite Tripod Legs
  • C32L40 Center Column
  • Custom Made Wrench


  • C32K Center Column
  • C32L Center Column 
  • C32T Center Column
  • C32B Center Column 
  • C32G Center Column 
  • E32 Extending Pole
  • Wheels


  • Tripod Model: T32 LITE
  • Safety Load Capacity*: 20 kg
  • Center Column Diameter: 32mm
  • Number of Sections in Each Leg Tube: 3
  • Leg Tube Diameters: 22mm/25mm/28mm
  • Leg Tube Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Leg Tube Spread Angle: 23°/0°
  • Leg Tube Graduations: None
  • Net Weight: 1.3kg (including center column)
  • Foot Spike Interface: M10
  • Bubble Level: None
  • Collapsed Length: 46cm (including center column)
  • Height Range: 42.5-127cm (excluding the tripod head)
  • Heights for Each Leg Position: Refer to the working diagram

Optional Accessories: Gear center column, extension column, horizontal center column, tripod wheels, etc.
Safety Load Capacity* refers to the load along the center column axis within the safe range.

Compact and Lightweight

This powerful tripod weighs only 1.3kg and folds down to 46cm, easily fitting into a 20-inch carry-on suitcase (varies with internal dimensions of the suitcase).

Interchangeable Columns and Accessories

Originating from the T32MAX professional tripod platform, the T32Lite offers an operational feel, stability, and load-bearing capacity. It shares various center columns and professional accessories with the T32MAX platform, ensuring long-term value and versatility for users. Additionally, the ROGETI RG-1 geared head and its extensive components are also compatible, enhancing the system’s synergy.

Exceptional Grip

The T32Lite’s large horseshoe-shaped rubber feet provide ample contact with the ground, ensuring robust grip even on slick surfaces. Additionally, the wide foot pads absorb more kinetic energy, reducing the impact on the camera and lens upon setting down.

Robust Load Capacity

With the thinnest leg section measuring 22mm in diameter, the T32Lite offers stability that exceeds many professional tripods, boasting an impressive load capacity of 20kg.

Clean Hands Design

The distance between the leg locks and the foot spikes reduces the chance of getting your hands dirty to zero, ensuring cleanliness throughout your shoot.

Efficient Leg Mechanism

The T32Lite simplifies the traditional three-step leg extension process into a single seamless action. Slightly loosen the leg locks and pull the legs out to the desired length, then twist to lock—all in one fluid motion. This innovation significantly enhances setup efficiency.

Fewer Leg Locks

Unlike most travel tripods which feature 12 to 15 leg locks, the T32Lite is equipped with just six. This reduction allows for quick deployment and packing, making your shooting process smoother and hesitation-free when adjusting leg sections.

Zero-degree Leg Positioning

When collapsed, the legs stop at a 0° angle rather than colliding with the central column. This innovative design ensures that when the legs are retracted, they stop at a 0° angle without continuing to move inward and potentially collide with the central column, which could cause damage or instability.
The 0° leg stop feature is particularly beneficial in situations where space is limited or when photographers need to position their tripod in tight or awkward spaces, such as against walls or in corners. It allows for greater flexibility in the placement and configuration of the tripod, enabling photographers to adapt to their environment and capture their desired shots. This positioning allows all legs for an invisible effect in panoramic shots with dual-lens cameras.

Extendable Center Column

The T32Lite’s center column can be extended using the E32 series of extension poles for higher camera positions, enhancing flexibility for higher shooting angles.

Stable Column Repositioning

The optional C32T center column allows for a horizontal column orientation, providing unparalleled stability, with a counterweight system for extended reach without risk of tipping.

Horizontal Column and Vertical  Adjustment

Unlike other tripods with horizontal column capabilities, the C32T center column can still move vertically after being positioned laterally, and itself can also connect to extension poles to overcome higher barriers.

Sand Spikes and Wheels

Optional sand spikes make the tripod stable on sandy surfaces without sand entering the leg tubes. Wheels are available for cinematography to facilitate smooth, long-distance camera movements and for photography to help photographers easily find the perfect shooting angle. The total weight of three tripod wheels and their storage box is only 0.56kg.

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