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T32MAX Tripod

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$999.00 USD
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$999.00 USD
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$999.00 USD

Key Features

  • Stunning fast
  • Great stability & Light weight
  • Revolutionary 0° leg-stop
  • Patented center column designed as a secondary tripod
  • Urtral-versatile & Interchangeable center columns

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What's Included

  • T32MAX Tripod Legs
  • C32B Center Column
  • Screen Holder
  • Custom Made Wrench


  • C32K Center Column
  • C32L Center Column 
  • C32T Center Column
  • C32G Center Column 
  • E32L+E32M Extending Pole
  • Tripod Bag 


The traditional leg angle selector is canceled on T32MAX. The patented center column C32B can be used as an individual mini tripod when various perspectives are required.