The Pano5+1 MarkII

The Pano5+1 MarkII, the patented GoPro panoramic photography head, boasts the capability of effortlessly capturing a complete 65.5 megapixels 360°X180° spherical panorama with a single GoPro. With the capability for RAW capture on the HERO 5 Black, the Pano5+1 MarkII could be very suitable for most commercial uses as a lightweight replacement for DSLR on the heavy panoramic photography head and the tripod.

Compatible with

GoPro HERO 7 Black/GoPro HERO 6 Black/GoPro HERO 5 Black
GoPro HERO 4 Silver/Black
GoPro HERO 3+ Silver/Black
GoPro HERO 3 White/Silver/Black


Click above to experience the 360° VR photo captured on Pano5+1 MarkII

How does it work?

See Video Tutorial

360°X180° / 65.5 Mega Pixels

The Pano5+1 MarkII enables the shooters to capture eight panoramic pieces with single GoPro to form a complete 360°X180° environment. That way it offers an overwhelming image quality when compared with any twin-eyes camera ranging from 2k, 4k to 8k.


Accurate Node Position

For proper panorama photography, the camera should be rotated strictly around the lens nodal point, especially when you want to get a seamless panorama. However, the nodal point is nowhere near the actual camera mounting point, so it is impossible to do it with a common tripod head.

The Pano5+1 MarkII cooperates a genius design to achieve the easiest camera locating for panoramic photography. It has two intersected drop-in cradles which share the same nodal point position. The vertical cradle is for pointing the camera all around, while the look-up cradle is for the zenith shot. There is no sliding plate and even no joint in this structure so that it eliminates the loss of accuracy in deployment. Such a scheme ensures that software used for photo stitching produces a precisely composed VR environment with minimum post-production intervention. Both the shooting and post-production become incredibly easy.

GoPro HERO 5 will WOW you

RAW photo capture

It's amazing that the GoPro HERO 5 Black offers RAW photo capture. The files are saved as a .GPR file and can be opened in popular applications such as Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom. If you are familiar with RAW editing, we recommend shooting in RAW to get the best image quality, especially when you intend to apply the Pano5+1 MarkII and a HERO 5 Black for professional use.

Tips: The Basemount in gray color could be used as a White Balance card.

Voice Control

Now you don't have to hold your smart phone while shooting a panorama. In fact, you don't even have to open GoPro's Wi-Fi and connect it to the phone. Just say “GoPro, take a photo.” No need to push any button.


The GoPro HERO 5 has GPS built into it so that your stitched panorama have the chance to include the GPS data. You can benefit from it especialy when you want to upload a batch of panoramas to Google Street View or any website including the map service.


The GoPro HERO 5 Black is natively waterproof, which means you can shoot panorama without worry about the rain or snow.

No problem for past GoPro models

Not only can you fit this on the GoPro HERO 5 Black, but the Pano5+1 MarkII also includes an Adapter for past-model GoPro cameras. With this Adapter, the HERO 3, HERO 3+ and HERO 4 can fit into the Pano5+1 MarkII and the lens nodal point of these models can be exactly aligned to the pivot point as well as the HERO 5 Black does.

Transparent Build

 Both the Pano5+1 MarkII main stand and the Nadirshot Holder are built-in transparent. The transparent body produces less shadow and is better for nadir patch.

Basemount looks so small

Compared to the original Pano5+1, the Basemount of the Pano5+1 MarkII is much smaller and the camera position in the cradle is lifted greatly. All these efforts are aimed at reducing the Basemount projection area in the panorama. The Basemount projection area in the panorama which is captured on the Pano5+1 MarkII is just 1/4 of what is captured on the original Pano5+1.

Flexible Solutions for Standing

The Basemount of the Pano5+1 MarkII has three threads in its bottom. One thread is for PET bottles of energy drinks like Gatorade, one is for Pop drinks like Coca-Cola, and a standard 3/8” threaded hole is for the tripod. In addition, our standard package includes a reduction thread (3/8" to 1/4") for a mini-tripod. You can choose the most suitable stand in different projects.

A standard tripod provides steady standing. Its column can be raised to move the lens farther from the tripod legs.
A mini tripod is steady and portable.
Standing on a bottle could avoid the appearance of the tripod legs in the panorama and has the minimum requirement for the standing area. Plus, the capability to shoot without a tripod adds more portability to the Pano5+1 MarkII.

One case contains all 

Every Pano5+1 MarkII comes with a handy case that pulls together every part you will need to work with: the Pano5+1 MarkII main stand, the Nadirshot holder, the Basemount, a reduction thread (3/8" to 1/4"), and the Adapter. You can also place your GoPro camera inside with two spare batteries in it.

That way, you don't have to find each part in your camera bag when you want to shoot a panorama. Just open the case and set up at once. The profile line within the box will enable you to place each part quickly and accurately.

Integrated Niche for Faster Loading

The Pano5+1 MarkII main stand has a niche beneath its vertical cradle. You can put your GoPro into this niche when you want to travel without the case.