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TSE FRAME for Canon TS-E 50mm

TSE FRAME for Canon TS-E 50mm

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Pre-order New Tse Frame for Canon TS-E 50mm Lens

We are excited to announce the pre-sale of our new Tse Frame, specifically designed for the Canon TS-E 50mm lens. 

Pre-order Details:

  • Discount Offer: Enjoy a 10% discount on all pre-sale orders.
  • Production Threshold: Production will commence once we reach a minimum of 30 orders.
  • Refund Policy: In the event that the pre-sale does not reach 30 orders, all customers will receive a full refund after the pre-sale period ends.
  • Pre-order Period: 04/28/3024--05/28/2024
  • Assumed Shipping Time: 07/31/2024

How to Participate:

  1. Place your order through our official website during the pre-sale period.
  2. Enjoy the exclusive pre-order price with a 10% discount automatically applied at checkout.
  3. Spread the word! The more orders we receive, the quicker we can move into production.

We appreciate your support and enthusiasm for our products. By participating in this pre-order, you are not only getting a great deal but also helping us bring innovative products to the market.

Compatible with Canon TS-E 50mm f2.8/L

TSE FRAME is an innovative product that combines outstanding industrial design and a superb manufacturing process. The frame is made from strong yet lightweight anodic oxidized aluminum that is CNC machined to precision, with gorgeous finishing to create a superior-quality product.

  • Instant and centered portrait to landscape switch and instant vertical shift and lateral shift switch
  • 8 types of seamlessly stitching methods, including 4 diagonal shifting methods that increase both the viewing angle and the image resolution
  • Handy U-shaped platform that allows for the use of items such as a grey card or mobile phone to block a light source from above, thereby reducing lens flares
  • Contains 1/4” and 3/8” threaded screw hole and Arca-Swiss compatible mounting options, supporting all kinds of tripod heads
  • Resistance hinges and large-sized knobs ensure that lenses can be quickly mounted or dismounted
  • Built-in spirit levels at all usable orientations
  • Designed in a pistol style that provides guidance with composition/framing
  • Dedicated Nodal Slide (optional) to achieve a wider viewing angle with seamless stitching for a much larger panorama
  • Strong structural design; small, lightweight; can be stored in a bag and carrying case without removing the lens/camera
  • A touch of soft silicone material reduces wear and tear on the lens barrel over prolonged use
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