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RG-1 Geared Head MarkIV

RG-1 Geared Head MarkIV

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Key Features

  • Height of only 100mm, or 4 inches, and a weight of only 688 grams, or 1.5 pounds
  • Clever layout and clear controls
  • 210° (±105° symmetrical) oversized pitch angle with no mechanical interference between movements
  • Worm-geared drive, self-locking at any angle
  • Safety Payload Weight: 12KG or 26lb
  • Clutch for quick tilting adjustment
  • Additional fine-tuning knob for convenience in the extreme tilting position
  • High-precision,  three-axis Leveling Vials(Bubble Levels), made in the UK
  • 60mm-long clamp on the main bearing platform
  • Detachable customized roof to meet different photography needs and avoid interference between XYZ dimensions
  • Compact and safe configuration for transportation
  • Ready for video shooting when S20 Panning Handle is attachedPrecision machining and manufacturing process

    What's Included

    • RG-1 Geared Tripod Head MarkIV
    • CAP-X2Y Instant Orthogonal Exchange Cap
    • QRS-R14 Square Plate
    • Red & Black Soft Ruber Knob Covers
    • SPN Quick-Release Base



        Q: What are the differences between RG-1 mark2 and mark3 you can see from the outside?
        A: The main platform has a new appearance. More teeth at the both ends of the rolling gear were cut off to avoid  scratching your thumb when turning the geared rolling knob.
        Q: What are the differences between RG-1 mark2 and mark3 inside?
        A: There are many changes inside to improve the bearing capacity and the quality of fit.

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