Pano5+1 MarkII panoramic photography head for GoPro Hero

Pano5+1 MarkII panoramic photography head for GoPro Hero

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Compatible with

GoPro HERO7 Black/GoPro HERO6 Black/GoPro HERO5 Black
GoPro HERO4 Silver/Black
GoPro HERO3+ Silver/Black
GoPro HERO3 White/Silver/Black

The Pano5+1 MarkII, the patented GoPro panoramic photography head, boasts the capability of effortlessly capturing a complete 360°X180° spherical panorama with a single GoPro. It can be mounted on not only all kinds of tripods, but also many kinds of plastic beverage bottles, enabling it to fit in very narrow spaces. With the capability for RAW capture on the HERO 6/5 Black, the Pano5+1 MarkII could be very suitable for most commercial uses as a lightweight replacement for DSLR on the heavy panoramic photography head and the tripod.