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SLOPES Black is a multi-function instant stand for GoPro Hero10/9 and  GoPro with Housing (Hero 7/6/5/4/3+/3/Hero+/Hero+LCD).  

  • Versatility -SLOPES Black is a multi-function instant stand for GoPro camera in its housing. 18 handy angles and the plug & play quick deployment make it a Must-Have GoPro accessory.
  • Light and Compact -Ultra-slim body makes SLOPES™ portable and enables using in narrow spaces. It can free-stand on any flat surface, like footstep, windowsill, and closet top, makes the whole world your tripod. The net weight of SLOPES black is only 32 gram or 1oz.
  • Easy to Use-The Plug n' play nature provides you the unrivaled deploying speed. All the positioning set-up could be settled in two seconds. No messing with the screws and positioning arms.
  • LEGO Compatible - The bottom of SLOPES Black is compatible with LEGO bricks to expand its functionality, such as moving GoPro on a LEGO cart.
  • Panorama Photo Shooting - SLOPES™ Black comes with a cubic NodeAnchor for 360° panorama shooting. Simply take one picture at each of the 4 positions, then use stitching software to connect the 4 shots to a 360° cylindrical panorama.
  • 3D Photo Shooting:Two SLOPES Black stands could be connected by side joint to shoot 3D photos. 
  • Water Proof and Dust Proof: The simples structure makes the stands water and dust proof. 


GoPro Hero 10/9/7/6
GoPro Hero5 Black
GoPro Hero4 Silver/Black
GoPro Hero3+ Silver/Black
GoPro Hero3 White/Silver/Black (in housing of hero3+/4)
GoPro Hero / GoPro Hero+ / GoPro Hero+LCD

NOT compatible with GoPro Hero 8

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