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Micro-positioning Linear Stage

Micro-positioning Linear Stage

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Key Features

CAP-MLS is ideal for interior photography and product photography to make precise positioning and smoothly movement.

Not only to achieve the perfect framed shot, but the CAP-MLS has a pair of hand cranks to make it also ideal for smoothly movement in video shooting. The speed is comfortable for interior photography and product photography and related video shootings. The coaxial layout of the device lock knob and the sliding lock knob make it simple to remove and install the camera wherever the sliding plate is located. Two CAP-MLS can be interlocked at 90 degrees for both lateral and forward/back movements.

Length of the dovetail: 180mm

Sliding distance: 132mm

Sliding distance per round: 12mm

Material:CNC-machined aluminum, Stainless steel, Brass

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