Use the Nadirshot Holder (Optional) to including the nadir view

The Nadirshot holder will help you capture the shot below your Camera. The neatly designed base mount instead of a pentagon hole will show up in your panorama.

1, After the six shots were captured, put the GoPro on the Nadirshot Holder.

2, Place the Nadirshot Holder on the base mount. Rotate the Holder, Align any of its two marking lines to reach anyone of the five markings on base mount. Take one picture.

3, Rotate the Holder to align the other line to reach the same marking on base mount. Take the other picture.

4, Before stitching the panoramic images, open the two pictures in Photoshop. Use File>Automate>Photomerge, tick the 'Perspective' option, Click 'Add Open Files' and click OK.

5, You may have got the merged image without the holder's arm. (If the result include double arms, refer to the step *4a at the end of the tutorial.) Properly crop it then save it. Now you can stitch the previous 6 images and this one together.


*4a, If the result include double arms, click the mask's thumbnail of the upper layer in the layer panel, then use Ctrl+i to invert the black/white. Then hold Shift key and left-click the mask's thumbnail of the layer below to disable it. Now you will get a clean nadir shot without arm.