How to place your logo in the panorama image with Pano2VR

Pano2VR is a perfect tool to publish panoramic images. It can also help us adding logo on our panoramic image.

Open Pano2VR 4.5.3 , click "Select Input" and load your stitched panorama image file. Click "OK".


Click "Convert Input " button and choose "Horizontal Cross". Click "Convert".


Open the converted image in your editing software such as Photoshop. Paste your logo in the pentagon area (You may also patch the hole if you like), and save it.


Back to Pano2VR. Click "Select Input" and load the edited panorama image. Click "OK".Then you can output a HTML5 VR tour and you can put it on your own website.

Alternatively, you may also output a "Transformation" image, such as "Equirectangular" image which is well accepted on those public panorama exhibition website.