Stitch a panorama image with Panorama Studio 3 Pro

Panorama Studio is an ideal software for stitching fish-eye images to panorama. In most cases, with this software, a correctly captured panoramic images sequence by Pano5+1 could be stitched through a fully automatic procedure, without adding control point manually.

Open Panorama Studio 3.00 Pro. Select "Create multi-row panorama" from the pop-up task menu.


Click "Import" button and load the 6 images you took with Pano5+1 for GoPro.


You may noticed the images are not in correct direction. Right click on any of the images, click "Rotate Right" or "Rotate Left" to solve the problem.


Click "Align" button, a pop-up window remind you setting the focal length. Click "Yes".


Click "Use focal length from EXIF".

Open "Advanced settings", set the Quality as "Very high".

Click "Ok".


Now the images might have been stitched to a sketch panorama and ready to be rendered. Generally speeking, the result should be very good thanks to the precisely designed node position brought by Pano5+1. You don't need to add any control point manually, except for extremly lack of details occured in any image.

To make the image looks better, you may want to pan it horizontally. Click "Straighten Horizon..."


Tick the "Constrain to horizontal moving" box


Press and drag your mouse on the image till you get it at a satisfied position. Then click "Render" button.


Some info shows up in the pop-up window. In this case, there is 53.80 megapixels are in the red frame and it covers a range of 360x147.


Usually we need to render a whole sphere, so we click the "360x180".

Besides, you may set the edge completion as any color you need. Here we apply the white.


Click "OK" to render the final result. Click "Save" - "Save as Image" to save this equirectangular panoramic image.

Note1: The equirectangular panoramic image is the most widely accepted format for other applications. In different softwares, you may transform it into little planet, cube faces, cross, or Quick Time VR, etc.

Note2: There is another option "Save as interactive Panorama". It is for panoramic html5 VR files. However, we don't recommed this because the html files saved by Panorama Studio require their plug-ins for browsing.